COVID-19 Update

Our Lobby Is Closed Until Further Noticed

The Coronavirus has changed the way we are doing things right now. It sounds like it may be a while until we get back to our normal routine. In an effort to help limit everyone’s exposure to each other during this time we have decided to offer curbside service at our clinic! The health of our clients, patients, and our staff is our utmost priority, so we will take whatever precautions are necessary during this time to keep everyone safe and your pets well cared for!

How Curbside Works

  • Schedule an appointment on our website or over the phone
  • Arrive at the clinic and call us to let us know you have arrived
  • A technician will come out to you car to greet you and take your pet
  • Your pet will be brought inside to be examined by Dr. Nicoletti
  • After the exam has been completed, Dr. Nicoletti will come out to your car to speak to you about his findings
  • Payment will take place at your car when your pet has been returned to you

Please note that while these are our procedures, these are subject to change at any time based on how the situation with COVID-19 changes over time.

We do apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time.